The Human Cost of the US Budget Sequester on Landmine-Affected Communities

Bryan Bender of the Boston Globe has written an excellent article this week on the potential impact of the US Congressional budget impasse on demining, landmine victim assistance and other mine action programs.

Though I have critiqued some of the particulars of US government funding for mine action, the State Department remains the biggest donor to program mitigating the impact of landmines. Budget cuts will be devastating to projects that save the lives and livelihoods of civilians around the world.

“The inability of Congress to bridge the partisan divide on fiscal policy is literally a matter of life and death for some civilians in war-ravaged nations, where US-funded operations to remove unexploded bombs and land mines are being canceled or curtailed for lack of money,” writes Bender. “US-supported removal teams have been laid off, weapons removal efforts have been suspended, and pledges of artificial limbs, wheelchairs, and other assistance for victims put on hold.”

Read Bender’s article here.

Please contact your congresspersons and tell them that by saving the State Department’s Weapon’s Removal and Abatement funding, they will be saving the lives of innocent civilians around the world.

For a detailed history of US government funding for mine action, read my book Foreign Aid and Landmine Clearance.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 7 August 2013.

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