Op-Ed in The Hill on Killer Robots: US Must Impose Moratorium and Seek Global Ban

TheHill Killer RobotsIn an opinion peice for The Hill’s Congress Blog this morning, I made the case for a legally-binding US moratorium on all fully autonomous armed robots (“Killer Robots”), laying the foundations for a comprehensive global ban.

“A future of proliferating autonomous armed robots able to chase down, select and fire on human beings is closer to reality than we might like to think,” says the column.

“Our most important deliberations as a human community cannot be made on auto-pilot. So the decision to kill another human being cannot be left to a machine. The norms, wisdom and custom that underlie the laws of war do not translate neatly into binary code – they require human moral reasoning and judgment.”

Yesterday, campaigners lauched the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots in London.

Click here to read my article.

Click here to learn more about killer robots.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 24 April 2013.

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