Look Out Killer Robots — The Humans are Coming for You and Apparently They Value Their Human Rights!

Very exciting news: At a conference today in London, international NGOs launched a much-anticipated Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, calling for a global ban on fully autonomous lethal robots. For further details on why this is so important, see this statement I co-authored for Article 36 last year, my editorial for Global Policy from November or this documentary by DroneMediaProject.

As we prepare for hard campaigning ahead, let’s remember the wise words of HG Wells, who wrote in 1919 that science and technology, “give us powers novel in history and bring mankind [sic] face to face with dangers such as it has never confronted before.” This means we can use such power to “enlarge and intensify the scope and evil of war”, but it also “render[s] possible such a reasoned coordination of human affairs as has never hitherto been conceivable.” As a result, he wrote, “It is the most obvious wisdom to set ourselves to anticipate as far as we can, so as to mitigate and control, the inevitable collisions and repercussions of mankind [sic] that are coming upon us.”

~ by Matthew Bolton on 23 April 2013.

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