The Gun Lobby Joins with North Korea, Iran and Syria in Opposing Effort to Keep Weapons from Terrorists and War Criminals

In a recent article for The Hill‘s Congress Blog, I analyzed the role of the gun lobby in the US Senate’s adoption, bya slim majority, of a nonbinding amendment condemning an Arm Trade Treaty (ATT). The ATT Resolution, co-sponsored by the US, passed the UN General Assembly in a landslide vote with only Iran, North Korea and Syria in opposition.

I explain how the ATT would benefit US national security by keeping weapons from terrorists, drug traffickers and those who commit gross violations of human rights and humanitarian law. The ATT also explicitly allows states to determine how lawful ownership is define at the national level, thus avoiding interfering with the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

I show how the Senate vote, with only a few exceptions, was between those who receive significant campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and those who do not:

As a result, we have a Senate that seems more likely to seek foreign policy counsel from an ideologically reactionary lobby than its own State Department, all of its NATO allies [and Israel], 18 Nobel Peace Laureates, the human rights and humanitarian community, faith leaders and the Red Cross.

In opposing U.S. efforts to keep weapons from terrorists and human rights abusers, the gun lobby is short-circuiting national security policymaking and undermining an initiative that could save the lives not only of Americans, but people around the world.

To read the whole article, click here.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 14 April 2013.

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