Revised Proposal for an International Convention on Robotic Weapons

Last week I wrote a variety of articles and blog posts (at the ICRAC website, for Global Policy and for this blog) on potential proposals for a treaty to govern, constrain and mitigate the effects of robotic weapons such as drones. Many people have emailed me with interesting comments, suggestions and critiques, so I have decided to post a revised text of my proposal on this website. I want to make it a ‘dynamic proposal’ that changes as I receive more feedback from people. So I will continue to edit it and revise it over the coming months to reflect the latest thinking. I will revise the version number and the date each time so that it is clear which version of the text is newest.

Please read my latest text here and keep the feedback coming!


~ by Matthew Bolton on 8 October 2012.

One Response to “Revised Proposal for an International Convention on Robotic Weapons”

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