A Shout Out to Interns in International Conventional Weapons Control

Interns and campaigners for the Control Arms coalition outside the United Nations building in New York July 25, 2012. Control Arms Coalition/Andrew Kelly. Used with permission.

International advocacy and diplomacy on conventional weapons often relies on armies of underappreciated volunteers and interns. They  do grunt work, arrange logistics, call donors, set up demonstrations and do a vast array of other tasks essential to the functioning of the international system. While credit usually goes to those at the top of the organizations involved — whether diplomatic delegations, NGOs, UN agencies, faith organizations or media outlets — interns often toil in obscurity and receive little pay or recognition in return. But it is unlikely that we would have the bans on landmines and cluster munitions or the campaign for an Arms Trade Treaty were it not for the hundreds of interns, volunteers and activists who support the efforts of professional campaigners and policy wonks. (Click here for Ross Perlin’s excellent book on the underappreciated role of interns in our economy, government and civil society more broadly).

As a small token of appreciation for the efforts of interns everywhere, I have written up a brief article about two of my students at Pace University who did a fantastic job supporting the media team of Control Arms at the Arms Trade Treaty Conference this summer in New York. Click here to read about their work.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 14 August 2012.

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