A Drafty Treaty? The Holes in the Draft Arms Trade Treaty

Yesterday morning the chair of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) diplomatic conference released the his long-awaited draft of an international instrument to regulate the trade in conventional weapons. Unfortunately, while it has some positive aspects, it is full of holes that would undermine its capacity to effectively reduce the human suffering caused by arms dealing. Most importantly for readers of this blog, it is unclear whether the treaty would regulate the market in land or sea mines.

In my latest commentary piece for Global Policy, I review the most distressing loopholes in the chair’s draft ATT.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 25 July 2012.

2 Responses to “A Drafty Treaty? The Holes in the Draft Arms Trade Treaty”

  1. […] narrow Scope of the draft Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) misses the opportunity to more clearly regulate robotic weapons, such as drones, I say in my […]

  2. […] The draft treaty text for the Arms Trade Treaty has been released (with only three days left to debate and approve or reject the text) and according to the reliable Political Minefields blog, it is unclear whether or not the draft Treaty would regulate the trade of landmines and in the absence of clarity I’m afraid we can assume the Treaty does not regulate such trade (Political Minefields https://politicalminefields.com/2012/07/25/a-drafty-treaty-the-holes-in-the-draft-arms-trade-treaty/).  […]

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