The Anti-Social Worldview of Gun Lobbyists

I have been following the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations at the UN here in New York this month and have been writing  commentary on the conference for Global Policy‘s online editorial section. This weekend I wrote about the self-serving ideology of gun lobbyists who are working hard to pressure states into accepting a loophole-ridden treaty. I argue that

… arms lobby discourse relies on a radically individualistic and confident notion of the Self – a kind of frontierist or vigilantist masculinity, more preoccupied with the importance of preserving the right to hunt or the heritage of “antique weapons” than the humanitarian impact of a world awash with AK-47s. … To the gun lobbyist, the world ‘out there’ is fundamentally Other, deeply frightening. It may be controlled and profited from but never compromised with.

To read the article — “The World According to a Gun Lobbyist” — click here.

For more information on the Arms Trade Treaty process, visit the website of Control Arms.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 24 July 2012.

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