Banana Trade Better Regulated Than Arms Dealing

In the run up to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) negotiations here in New York City 2-27 July, advocacy groups are stepping up the heat on governments, calling for a “bullet-proof” international regime regulating the sale of weapons.

“Most governments continue to permit irresponsible trade of weapons,” says Amnesty International USA. “Treaties regulate the global trade of many goods – even bananas and dinosaur bones – but not guns and bullets.”

They face two key challenges:

1) Convincing states skeptical of the need for a global regime of weapons dealing regulation and who will seek to block any attempt to shine a light on their buying and selling of arms.

2) Guarding against states who claim to support the treaty, but may try to gut its provisions — benefiting from the ‘glow’ of backing an international treaty while sacrificing little in return.

A large coalition of civil society, faith groups and progressive states are engaged in a massive push to make sure the treaty is comprehensive (covering all forms of conventional weapons including small arms and light weapons and ammunition), has strong transparency provisions, maintains tight prohibitions against selling, transferring or gifting weapons to states and non-state actors that abuse human rights and international humanitarian law and has effective implementation mechanisms. At present, the draft treaty text includes most of these provisions but humanitarian and human rights groups fear that without civil society pressure, states may happily negotiate some of these away.

To join in the global struggle for a “bullet-proof” Arms Trade Treaty:

For more detailed background on the challenges of global regulation of conventional weapons, see this article I wrote about politics of the proliferation and control of small arms and light weapons.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 22 June 2012.

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