Refuting the ‘Korean Exception’

Many defenders of the Bush-era US landmine policy, which the Obama Administration recently endorsed (read my op-ed here), claim that the US needs landmines in order to defend its ally South Korea; they are wrong.

Their position has been refuted comprehensively in this fact-sheet by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (now Veterans for America). They show that the minefields in the DMZ would only delay the North Korean Army briefly, and would actually constrain US forces. They show that, in fact, the DMZ minefields are a burden on the US and South Korea and are not an adequate excuse for not joining the treaty.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 7 December 2009.

2 Responses to “Refuting the ‘Korean Exception’”

  1. I am against Obamas decision for no joining the treaty

  2. […] US defense policymakers often claim the Korean DMZ as an excuse for not joining the landmine ban (an excuse refuted comprehensively here). However, this article shows that one cannot only see the DMZ minefields through a military lens […]

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