Israeli ‘Phosphorus Munitions Misidentified as Cluster Munitions’

It appears, from information gathered by Political Minefields from knowledgeable sources, that earlier reports by Haaretz and UNOCHA that Israel was using cluster munitions in Gaza were based on an incorrect identification of photographs that actually probably depicted phosphorus munitions.  White phosphorus, when used in civilian areas, or as an anti-personnel weapon is illegal under international law as it causes deep burn wounds. Israel has denied using phosphorus but evidence has been described in both the Times (London) and The Guardian.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 10 January 2009.

2 Responses to “Israeli ‘Phosphorus Munitions Misidentified as Cluster Munitions’”

  1. They’ve also been using depleted uranium, which is also illegal in every country except in Israel & the US. The US has been using DU & phosphorus in Iraq for quite some time.

    So who are the real terrorists?

  2. Do we actually know that Israeli is using depleted uranium in Gaza? If you have link to reports/evidence about this, please post a link.

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