Cluster Munition Coalition Wins Major Peace Prize

The Cluster Munition Coalition, which successfully campaigned for the ban on cluster munitions signed in December, was awarded the 2008 Tipperary International Peace Prize January 1, World Peace Day.

Previous recipients of the prize include Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Bob Geldof and Michel Gorbachev.

The campaign will be presented with the prize 1 May, the 25th anniversary of the Tipperary Peace Convention, the awardmaking body. Founded in 1984, the award aims to “to give recognition to those who promote the ideals of peace and peaceful co-operation.”

The group “urges all states to sign and ratify the Convention without delay, and looks forward to its rapid entry into force.”

To read the announcement of the award, click here.

To read articles published by Political Minefields in opinion columns in the US and UK, click here.  For an earlier post congratulating the success of the Cluster Munition Coalition, click here.


Diagram of a cluster comb, courtesy of the Cluster Munition Coalition

Diagram of a cluster bomb, courtesy of the Cluster Munition Coalition

~ by Matthew Bolton on 5 January 2009.

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