NPA Will Pull Out of Sri Lanka in 2009

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), one of the world’s largest demining agencies, has decided to phase out of Sri Lanka in 2009, citing harrassment by the Sri Lankan government.  Click here to read their official statement.

“We don’t want to be there. We have decided to pull out because the authorities have made our work impossible,” said Petter Eide, NPA’s General Secretary.

NPA had already suspended its mine action program for one year, partly as a result of government insinuations that NPA was too close to the ‘Tamil Tiger’ rebels, a claim NPA forcefully denies. To read an earlier article on the conflict between NPA and the Sri Lankan government, click here

NPA’s withdrawl occurs in the context of an increasingly difficult environment for demining NGOs in Sri Lanka, a worsening human rights situation and a deterioration in security.

NPA’s mine clearance program in Sri Lanka has assisted with the clearance of 30,000 mines and 9,500 peices of unexploded ordnance from 18 million square meters of land.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 13 December 2008.

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