UN Short on Mine Action Cash

The UN has only raised five per cent of its $459 million budget for clearing and mitigating the impact of mines, cluster munitions and other unexploded ordnance in 2009.

“Without full donor support many of Mine Action initiatives will have to be cancelled and more civilians will be at risk of losing limbs, lives and livelihood,” said Dmitry Titov, Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions.

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To learn more about UN mine action, click here.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 9 December 2008.

One Response to “UN Short on Mine Action Cash”

  1. The UN in Mine Action, Help or Hindrance
    By forcite
    Hello to all, this blog is about Humanitarian demining, i read an article about how there were no blog sites about demining, and the author was saying that he has not seen any blog sites dedicated to this work, well i have started this one. I have been in this field for a little over 5 years now and most of the time i have been too busy to start a blog site much less know what one was, and most of us in this field do spend most of our time in the field, so internet acccess is limited. I would like to start ths blog with any one responding to a question i have been asking for a very long time, maybe someone out there can answer my question……………. WTF does the UN actually accomplish in the field of Humanitarian demining??????? For anyone who has been in this type of work they MUST have come in to contact with the mighty blue machine called the UN, i personally have been in the Sudan, Angola and now Somalia and in each location i have witnessed the apathy with the saviours in Blue, inaction, total disregard (to both the safety and well being) of the local communities in which they work, the UNMAO is a huge beaucracy in which no one will make a decision to save their lives (or anyone elses) they draw their salaries (which are obscene) and most of them never see the field!!! I have been ranting here, i would welcome any insight that anyone has and of course any discussion is welcome, i would love to hear from any of the Boys in Blue!! hey can anyone answer me this??? what does the acronym UNMIS mean??? or maybe AMIS?? (United Nations Mistake In Sudan) and (Another Mistake In Sudan) So maybe just maybe Donors are getting wise and do not want to fund a bunch of overpaid (an EOD Advisor draws 15,000 USD/month as salary) lazy, couldn’t care less, and are even less qualified staff. I firmly believe that it is time to purge the Evil Empire that the un is, they only harm the communities they work in and only care about their bloated salaries and how they can keep them.

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