‘People’s Treaty’ Supports Cluster Bomb Ban


With less than two weeks before over 100 countries gather in Oslo to sign the Cluster Munition Convention, campaigners from the Cluster Munition Coalition are urging people to show their support by signing a  ‘People’s Treaty’, saying: 

Cluster bombs cause predictable and unacceptable harm to civilians, both at the time of use and for many years after.  It is my strong belief that these weapons are morally unacceptable.

I fully support the new international treaty on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, transfer, and production of cluster bombs.

The intention is to put pressure on governments not yet willing to sign the convention and to ensure that signatories live up to their commitments. At present the ‘People’s Treaty’ has almost 112,000 signatures worldwide.

To learn more about and sign the People’s Treaty, click here.

For further information on cluster munitions, see my previous posts on the topic.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 21 November 2008.

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