Web Video: The Impact of Cluster Bombs

In this web video I produced for Sustainable Good, a blog on poverty and development issues, Ed Kenny of Handicap International USA talks about the humanitarian impact of cluster munitions, in light of their recent use by Russia in Georgia.  For more information on Russia’s cluster munition use, see the latest updates from Human Rights Watch and the Cluster Munition Coalition, or read my earlier post on the topic.

~ by Matthew Bolton on 26 August 2008.

4 Responses to “Web Video: The Impact of Cluster Bombs”

  1. […] Cluster munitions are considered doubly indiscriminate by humanitarian and advocacy groups.  Firstly they target wide areas, making it impossible to ensure the prevention of civilian casualties.  Second, many of the constituent ‘bomblets’ fail to explode, creating de facto landmines that can kill civilians long after wars end.  For more information on the impact of cluster munitions, see this web video interview with a campaigner from Handicap International. […]

  2. […] my previous posts by clicking here. To learn more about the impact of cluster munitions, see my video interview with Handicap International’s Ed Kenny. To read a recent statement by African countries calling on states to sign the Cluster Munition […]

  3. […] To learn more about cluster munitions, click here to view my web video interview with Ed Kenny of Handicap International. […]

  4. […] For more information on cluster munitions, see the previous posts on Political Minefields, or click here to view a short informational web video. […]

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